OPERATIONS LEADER       Health & HUman Services

  • Advisor to joint School/Community Youth Steering Committee
  • Authored peer-reviewed published article on adult continued education.
  • Received an award or special recognition
  • Certified, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (July 2017) Licensed, Nursing Home Administrator, PC & AL
  • Networked with other professionals
  • Earned one or more college degrees
  • Serve on board of directors 501(c)3 organizations
  • Limited-edition achievement recognizing early members of Workfolio
  • Established Prioirity 2 Work non-profit organization
  • Credentialed faculty, higher & secondary education
  • Endorsed by co-workers or clients
  • Spoken in front of an audience about an area of expertise
  • Has had as many as 10 direct reports in an organization
  • Donates time to philanthropic causes or organizations


Jeff Krantz
The best companies are all about leaders developing their teams and the best way to get power is to give it up, distribute it down into the organization, and force people to be accountable.  Servant leadership is defined in five words: How can I help you?  ~ Ronald DeFeo, CEO, Kennametal
As a leader, I have had wonderful experiences dealing with a variety of people, organizations, and issues. By doing so, I have the developed a breadth of experience from which I have and can meet many challenges successfully.

That experience has been drawn from many levels of organizational competence and from a diversity of organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit. I lead from the front demonstrating mastery of the tasks to be performed. I provide direction, implement plans, and motivate others to develop practical approaches to problem solving.

My preferred leadership style is servant leadership, but when managers are not proactive and organizational change is needed, I utilize transformational leadership to make changes and achieve results.


  1. -
    Operations Consulting, JAKrantz & Associates
  2. -
    Adjunct Faculty, Health Care Management, Franklin University
  3. -
    Certified, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Breakthrough Performance Group
  4. -
    Lead Faculty/Area Chair, Health Administration, University of Phoenix Pittsburgh Campuses
  5. -
    Operations Improvements, Chartiers Manor
  6. -
    Open Heart Surgery Program, Jefferson Medical Center
  7. -
    Service Improvements = record business & revenue , Southeast Missouri Hospital
  8. -
    5 Year $30 M Campus Development Plan, Southeast Missouri Hospital

Proudest Accomplishment


Experience Highlights

  • Strategic Planning
    REceived unconditional unanimous STATE Approval $30M 5 yr campus development: largest sum approved
  • Educational Leadership
    Re-Appointed Area Chair/Lead Faculty for Health Administration & Natural Sciences
  • Organizational Improvements
    marketed to community, Stabilized occupancy, increased satisfaction, reduced operating expenses
  • Service Development
  • Professional Development
    Academic teaching, community engagement, and operations consulting
  • Operations Consulting
    Advise business operations & operators

Education Highlights

  • Public Health Outreach
    Elected to Delta Omega, National Honorary for Public Health, University of pIttsburgh
  • Children & Youth
    Contributing Author/Member, Blue Ribbon Commission on the Future of Services to Children & Families


  • Priority2Work, 501(c)3
    provides services to unemployed individuals to regain employment
  • Off the Floor, 501(c)3
    helps individuals & families in need to acquire used furniture donations
  • Youth Steering Committee
    Joint APPOINTMENT of USC Twp & school District: address issues of COMMUNITY youth
  • Pittsburgh Marathon
    Annually serve as volunteer


  • Operations Leadership Role
    TO IMPROVE HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICE                      through NFP and for-profit organiz
  • Encouraging philanthropic service
    Serving as mentor
  • Promote continuous learning
    for people & organizations


  • Strategic PLanning
  • Teaching/Training
  • OPerations Management
  • Project Management
  • Community engagement
  • Public Communication

Questions & Answers

Why the moniker of "H&HS Professional"?
During my entire professional career, I have been significantly engaged in health service/delivery. Usually my organizational role was in operations and planning.

In my earliest professional years, I was focused on providing clinical/health skills to individual patients in the acute care environment; most recently, I am focused on addressing social/life skills to individual residents in long term living facility. Successful planning for a regional acute care provider required community education and outreach.

Through it all, my mission has remained steadfast: strive for service excellence while providing leadership, planning, and training as a means to move employees and the organization in that same direction. Thus two major themes percolate from my varied professional and personal roles: health and human service.
Who are my main influences?
My mother was a registered nurse; both parents were active in their respective churches. I have been shaped by these influences to provide service to others and to engage the community constructively.

My passion for improvement and my compassion for others have been driving forces impacting my career: health, education, community service.
Describe my greatest accomplishment.
A few years ago, I held a planning/marketing role with a community hospital serving the greater Pittsburgh metropolitan region. One of my responsibilities was the Cardio-Vascular Service Line; one opportunity inherent was to develop an open heart surgery program.

Driven by my analysis, the hospital pursued the development of a very successful program, remaining very successful even TODAY in the face of other competitive open heart programs in the region.
What tools do I use?
Accepting the mantle of faculty member requires the commitment of responding to student issues, questions, and concerns in an intelligent and informed manner. These inquires may be specific to a course, generic to health/human services administration, or generic to the greater real world.

Leadership requires, as an antecedent to action, a basis of knowledge. In this very dynamic world, effective leadership demands an action plan for lifelong learning. My plan…my challenge is to learn actively, to read constantly, to ask frequently, and to think usually.

Striving to be proactive, my drive for personal and organizational improvement is now strengthened with my knowledge of Lean Six Sigma methods.

I utilize my senses, utilize my current knowledge, and engage the wisdom of others as a foundation to grow in my understanding for the future.
What are my long-term goals?
WOW, there is just so much to learn: human services alone and its many related developments offer much challenge. Yet, we live in a dynamic world with much in flux.

So there is a challenge to keep current, but there is also a challenge to explore anew: biographies, history, sciences, travel, culture, faith, nutrition, arts. My long term goals focus on personal and professional development through lifelong learning.


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